Dual DVC's

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    Dunno what to ask but I need it out of my yard.

    Dual DVC (dayton 12's).
    Double baffle mdf
    extensive bracing
    3 - 3in flares
    tuning can be 18, 25, 16hz (plugs included)
    5.1cf total internal volume
    light amount of egg shell

    PASSIVE with dual input cup

    Sounds amazing with all tunings (25hz for "party rock" and 18hz for audiophile bass)

    Durable bedliner finish with thick poly layer

    total play time-- 15 minutes
    Was played with a Yamaha M85 to properly tune the sub. The DVC's have no more than 15minutes of play time. The sub was built and is now sold.

    Please bump then email kstevensjm@aol.com for price and arrangements. I really do not want to ship. Give me a quote for sub and shipping if you want it shipped. Pick ups are preferred.

    Here;s all the links to the built process. NO shortcuts.


    Please see all 4 pages

    Thanks and do not hesitate to email me and ask anything. [​IMG]


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