DS1, EzPro700, LT81, and UP-800 = DLP Clones? Anyone Familiar With These Units?

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    I have been offered a Proxima DS1 projector, but I didn't know much about this projector so I've been doing some research and looking over various websites includeing AVS Forum, and Proxima's, but there really isn't much information out there.
    What I did find is that apparently the DS1 is one of many clones including the CTX EzPro 700, NEC MultiSync LT81, and Plus UP-800. Looking at their respective stat sheets, they do appear to be very close, but I noticed some obvious differences and was wondering if they really are all clones?
    1) The Plus and NEC models look identical, but don't appear to match the chassis of the Proxima and CTX.
    2) The Proxima is listed as having the 1.3" DLP chip, but the Plus is listed as having the .9" DLP chip (I couldn't get info on what chip is in the NEC)
    3) The Proxima, CTX, and Plus use a 270W Metal Halide lamp that produces 600 lumens and uses 380 watts, while the NEC is listed as having a 280W Metal Halide that produces 800 lumens and uses 400 watts.
    4) The biggest difference appears to be in their advertised contrast ratios:
    Proxima = 200:1 ANSI / 250:1 Full On/Off
    Plus = 200:1 ANSI / 400:1 Full On/Off
    NEC = 250:1 ANSI / 500:1 Full On/Off
    (Couldn't find the published contrast ratio for the CTX)
    All four of these projectors have many features that are the same though:
    Resolution = Native: 800x600, Maximum: 1024x768
    Aspect Ratio = 4:3 (SVGA)
    Lamp Life = 1000 hours
    Focus = Manual
    Zoom = Manual, 1.3:1
    Optional Lenses = No
    Digital Zoom = No
    Keystone Correction = Fixed
    Lens Shift = No
    Throw Dist (feet) = 3.9 - 39.4
    Image Size (inches) = 24.0 - 300.0
    Ratio (distiag image) = 1.6 - 2.1
    HDTV = No
    EDTV/480p = No
    Component Video = No
    Video/480i = Yes
    Digital Input = No
    Personal Computers = Yes
    H-Sync Range = 15.0 - 60.0kHz
    V-Sync Range = 50 - 85Hz
    Voltage = 100V - 240V
    Audible Noise = 46.0 dB
    Status = Out of Production
    If it weren't for the other differences, especially the contrast ratios, I would agree that these projectors are most likely clones.
    Anyone out there know for sure if these are clones of each other?
    Oh, and if you have any suggestions for ideal set-ups, tweaks, calibrations, and/or additional equipment you might recommend - please respond at the following post: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/uub/...ML/008048.html
    Nils Luehrmann
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