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    Hello to all,

    Well, since this is my first post here at the HTF, thought I would start off with a small review of an animated show released by Geneon that is just not getting the attention it deserves. The DVD doesn't even appear over at TVSHOWSONDVD.COM

    Dragon Hunters

    This cute little tale revolves around two self described dragon hunters, Lian-Chu and Gwizdo, whom reside in a mystical world where land masses float high in the sky like tiny islands. Orphaned before they knew their parents, the two unlikely friends had somehow found each other and came to rely on each others unique abilities for survival. Lian-Chu, though quite large, was poorly educated and cannot read or write. Gwizdo, though street smart and able to read, lacks the ability to defend himself. The combination of Gwizdo's greedy and almost endless scheming for gold and Lian-Chu's kind heart make for an interesting team. Gwizdo’s and Lian-Chu’s past adventures apparently landed them at where this wild story begins, an inn far removed from the general populations. A large, somewhat overbearing woman and her little girl run the inn and have taken in the two perpetually broke misfits. This group of characters is where the Dragon Hunters stories really shine, as these completely mismatched batch of lonely people have come together and formed a more than slightly odd family. I must confess that I am a sucker for this type of storytelling.

    I have only seen the first four episodes, but by the time I finished the fourth episode (my favorite of disc 1) I was completely in love with this tale-tale.

    I think it is obvious from my description that I recommend this title. However, I would like to offer a small warning for parents regarding some of the more mature moments in this show. Because the main characters are dragon hunters, there are some frightening moments that might be too intense for very small viewers, such as the death of a horse in episode 3. Also, the inn keeper has a bit of a crush on one of the two main characters and wishes to add him to the already long list of husbands she has had. But this is played fairly innocently and I found nothing objectionable.

    Overall, I would rate Dragon Hunters a gentle PG.

    With a strong sense of family and it's heart very much in the right place, I give Dragon Hunters a very high recommendation.

    As I have only given a slight overview of the show, you can learn more about the stories and characters by heading on over to http://www.dragonhuntersdvd.com/ and watching the trailer.

    Hopefully, this title will get a bit more attention as more volumes are released.


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