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    Hello, greetings, thanks for reading. I need your help picking out equipment to get my parents home audio system working. They just got a new house and there are 4 speakers in the ceiling that they want to get hooked up. The speakers are wired to the TV area, but they would also like to add a wireless sub-woofer to the system. It needs to connect a verizon set top box with the 4(5) speakers and the television. And it needs to either connect to their current DVD/VCR player (yes VCR, folks is old) or have it's own DVD/Blue-ray player. and of course they have the request that it be "simple". I expect it will be always on, just let them switch channels. Buttons scare them apparently, but they'll get over it. I gave them a tentative estimate of well under $300, but if I'm wrong, so be it. Again, thanks for any help.

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