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Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Kieran Brown, Mar 11, 2004.

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    You wouldn't believe how much I love the website, you wouldn't believe how often I visit to see what tv show on dvd news there is, but then again you probably would if your crazy about tv shows coming on dvd.

    Is there a site for other regions (countries) to find out when tv shows are coming out on dvd??
    I live in Australia (Does anyone else on the Home Theater Forum live in Australia or know of someone who lives here and is hooked on tv shows on dvd?) and our region is region 4. Anyone who lives in America think they have to wait ages for tv shows to finally be released, trying waiting sometimes up to one or two years for it to hit your country after another country gets the release!!

    There just has to be another great site like that covers tv shows on dvd releases on either a specific countries region or all regions.

    I wish that voting on one of the old polls went much better for (especially for this answer: Yes, I can play DVDs from other regions and would like to see them added to the site.) (If only I knew about the site back then, though back in 2001 I didn't have a DVD player, got mine in 2002.) to have other regions tv show dvd releases on the site.


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