Does any have "Keep It Together" by Guster?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Paul D Young, Nov 23, 2006.

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    I have the Palm Pictures/Reprise Records US version of "Keep It Together" and there is some serious interference or something with the sound.

    It is apparent (but not as pronounced) on the first song in the left channel simultaneous with the bass guitar notes. It reaches it's worst during the beginning of I Hope Tommorow Is Like Today. The same interference type sound in the left channel. It is especially apparent if you have it up loud or have your headphones on.

    I have since purchased the Fancy Packaging version of the album in the hardcover book thingy but it seems to be the exact same CD with the same problems (although the packaging is very nice).

    Has anyone else noticed this problem? Or if you have, has anyone found that a different version of the CD (perhaps an import) might be devoid of these defects?
    I haven't been able to listen to this CD since I noticed it because it drives me crazy.

    Any help or info is appreciated. Thanks,

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