Dish Network Customer Service Gone Down

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    Mar 25, 2010
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    Recently Dish Network seems to gotten new "Customer Non-Support" management. I have been a Dish customer for 14 years and have to now look for alternatives like AT&T Uverse or Direct TV. Seven months ago, the customer support person came and was not able to complete part of service because he was too fat to be able to to attic. He said some one else will come and complete the service. No one came. Every time we call Dish, it takes hours to get through the machine and also since this non working TV was in the basement, we did not dare to waste one hour. Today I had to call them because the also made some changes to on-line accounts so I could not login. They changed my billing to on-line only without permission and so I was not able to see the bill for long time. Now that I had already spent my hour with the billing department, I told them that the previous service job was not completed, they said, I will have to pay another service charge because we did not call earlier. The supervisor was able to verify from the previous tech note that the service was not completed. But she said, it is customer's job to complain. But since you did not complain within 60 days, it will be considered a new call. I have a home service plan with Dish that meant that I didn't have to pay if there was any problem. I still have that plan. But Dish on its own changed the plan (without notifying me of the change of terms) that with the plan the service calls will cost $15. This started one month ago. They also change several other charges - all without notifying. It is the customer who is supposed to look at the bill and ask if they are not happy with the change. I would like to know if there is a government agency that looks after such consumer abuses. Where I can complain about changes of all these monthly fees and terms of service without notifying the consumer. Then even though their notes say that the service was not completed, the will not complete it until the customer calls again.

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