Developing a webiste; a request to HTF DVDProfiler users

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    Mods: Title should be "website", not "webiste".

    Earlier this week I had a pretty cool idea for a website that improves upon DVDProfiler's online DVD list in just about every way. I've got tons of ideas for it, but I need to do some testing and coding first [​IMG]

    Testing is where I hope the HTF members can come in. What I need from a few of you now is an XML export of your collections. I'm trying to get as wide an assortment as possible, as far as regions and collection counts go.

    If you're willing to help out, open DVDProfiler, go to File -> Export Profile Database. Accept the personal use license, choose a location to export to and hit OK (make sure it's XML format).

    After that, just e-mail it to Nothing identifying is included in the database. It does contain what you paid for each DVD and where you bought it, but that's as personal as it gets. If that's a concern for you that's understandable.

    Thanks in advance, and I'll keep HTF updated on my progress.

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