Denon AVR3312CI vs Onkyo TXNR809 ??

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    Apr 8, 2012
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    I can only suggest you buy the Onkyo TX-NR809. It is a more reliable unit. It will put out the power especially for power hungry speakers like the Polk RTA7s which I own. It is easier to program. The most important reason I would choose Onkyo, I have a friend who is a manager at one of the larger Best Buy stores. He told me since Christmas 45% of the top end Denon receivers have been returned for reasons as: broken HDMI input,speakers will not work when connected to the receiver,cracked board etc. As you know Denon and Marantz are owned by the same parent company. The Marantz products are far superior than Denon. If you were considering Marantz, the Marantz SR7005 is a very good product,but a little pricey. I cannot tell you how spend your money. If there is an A/V store in your area listen to all three units and make up your own mind. GOOD LUCK

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