Denon AVR3300 and HDVR2 no DD Audio

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Colin Davidson, Jul 1, 2003.

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    Not sure this is the correct forum as I dont know what is causing the issue but here goes.

    As the title says I have a DTivo HDVR2 going into a Denon AVR3300. I recorded the movie "Imposter" which the guide states is Dolby Digital. When I play the movie I get no sound whatsoever.

    The audio connection is a Toslink from HDVR2 to AVR3300 OPT-2 IN. The video is S-Video from HDVR2 to AVR3300, this is a non-issue since I can see the movie running on the screen.

    The HDVR2 is set to record and output in Dolby Digital and the AVR3300 displays Dolby Pro Logic and no sound.

    All the other programs that I have recorded work great but no sound from this one. And I will try to find another DD program to record to see if that is consistent.

    Anyone have any thoughts as to how to correct this?

    I suspect that it has to do with a setting on the AVR3300 but, I am sad to say, I cannot seem to get the AVR3300 into setup mode. And I cant find the damn manual to make sure I am pushing the correct buttons to get into setup mode. I know - I know - please dont revoke my HTF membership [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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