Denon 3808ci question

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    Dec 4, 2012
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    I recently bought a new Samsung smart tv. I had been running an old Mitsubishi 55 DLP through my denon receiver using component cables. I also have a dish VIP 612 dvr and a pioneer DVD. I am running everything through hdmi cables now. I have my denon set to the auto input feature. I receive the digital cinema surround from the DVD and roku but when I'm watching tv i only get Dolby digital. Why is that? Is there a setting I am missing? When I had my old tv hooked up I could get the digital 5.1 cicnima input. Theretically nothing should have changed so I don't understand why I am only getting Dolby digital through my dish dvr. Also, I am a novice more or less, I had magnolia theatre through bestbuy install and set up all this a few years back. Any help is much appreciated. Denon Manuel is very confusing!!!!

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