Denon 3808CI A/V Reciever

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    I'm selling my Denon that I purchased new back in the fall of 2008 . It's in extremely good condition having been used moderately in the last four years. I have both remotes that came with the unit which are in really great condition although there some sort of a scratch, more like a mark on the soft portion of the main remote unit. It's barely noticeable; only if you shine a light on it. I can post pictures of it if desired. I may have the original box that came with it, I'd have to check. I updated the firmware on a regular basis and should be up to speed. I've been using it for the most part as a Pre/pro with an Emotiva amp with the front channel amps only using the rear and side surrounds amps in the receiver. I'm asking 400 plus shipping from Michigan. Contact me if interested.

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