demo of Infocus X1 in Seattle area?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by AndrewC, May 24, 2003.

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    Are there any stores in the Seattle or Tacoma area that have an Infocus X1 all setup for a good demo? If not, is anyone in the Seattle/Tacoma area willing to do a demo for me?

    I've never seen a home theater demo room at Best Buy before and their lighting would make it VERY unsuitable for a demo. I can easily see rainbows on DLP RPTVs, so I know what to expect there. What I want to see is how console games, DVD movies, and standard def TV would look.

    The fact that they're $899 after rebate at Best Buy has me real tempted.

    In the past, years ago, I've seen >$10K DLP and LCD projectors at Definitive Audio's demo days and been unimpressed. Only very expensive CRT front projectors were nice to me...

    Anything else I should consider that's close to the X1 in price?

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