Definitive Technology BP-7001SC's compared to BP-8060's / 8080's

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    Does anyone out there have any first hand experience comparing the 7001sc's to the 8060 or 8080's. I haven't been able to listen to them side by side and would like some feedback from those who have. I have seen mixed reviews with some saying the older 7001's were superior and better built...others saying the imaging and transparency of the newer models is better. I already have a supercube reference sub so the bottom of the bottom end is covered.
    They are going into a large (22 x 32 w 12' ceilings) multipurpose HT / listening room ( see layout below) and will be used 50/50 for HT and critical listening. I mainly listen to classical and jazz. I can get either the 7001's or the 8060's for about the same price.
    I am also looking at the Gallo reference 3.5's and Monitor GX200's if anyone has any experience with those as well.
    I really appreciate your feedback.
    Thanks !

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