Defective Everwood Season 1 DVD (NOT about seasons 2-4)

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Jake Lipson, Jun 1, 2007.

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    First of all, since I know there was some negativity towards Everwood fans for crashing a previous WB chat: I am NOT going to ask about Everwood Seasons 2-4 here. I'd like them to come but that's not my issue right now.

    I have a problem with Season 1. I just blind bought it tonight and popped Disc 1 in the player. There I am, throughly enjoying the terrific pilot when all of a sudden (it felt like near the end) -- when Brenda Strong's dead wife is telling Dr. Brown she knows where he should go if she dies -- the disc freezes and then skips all the way back to the "Mom would never have moved us here!" fight a few seconds later. I fast forward back to where it was and by continuing to hit the fast forward button avoid the jump backwards. It goes on like it should for a few seconds more than last time, but then jumps ahead to later in the same scene. (I haven't seen the show before, but I could tell i t was jumping ahead because it felt like there were some lines of dialogue missing and the abrupt cut to another pose was jarring.)

    I'm wondering what I'm supposed to do now?

    Since this set is a few years old, and I was never a part of the fandom during that time, I don't know if this is just my set acting up or if there were multiple. Also, because this is a multidisc season set, I'm afraid that if I return this set and get a new copy with a working pilot episode, I'd end up with another defective episode on another disc. I've had defective DVDs before, but they've always been movies, never extensive multidisc boxes like this. Is this something WB dealt with, like say the Superman defective discs? Do I need to contact them, or should I exchange in-store?

    Not to mention that I bought the only copy my Borders had -- which means if I want to exchange it they have to order me one, which will take a while. I bought this show so I could relax and enjoy some quality new-to-me TV this summer and it is proving really aggervating.

    As for my player setup, if that matters, I don't know what it is -- it's a Sony DVD player which my dad bought in December 2001, that's all I know. He set it up. (Where would I find what model, etc. it is, and does this matter?)

    Can someone please advise what to do here?

    Edit 1:58 AM: Apparently it is my player (partially.) Once my family was done using our other DVD player, I popped it in there and the disc played fine. However, there is still the issue that it won't play through in the player I use most frequently. Suggestions, anyone?

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