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Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Bob_L, Apr 26, 2005.

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    Just a quick posting to give DDD some credit for good customer service.

    I preorder the third SCTV set and, when I received it, the USPS had crushed it and the inner plastic packaging was shattered. With another set, I might have "lived with" the problem, but I'm a BIG SCTV fan and have been waiting to have these shows on a home video format for 20 years. I want 'em perfect.

    Called DDD to alert them that I would be returning the set. They offered to send return postage. I declined in order to save a few days.

    Time passes....

    It's a month later. I haven't heard squat. (Though I'm pretty sure I know what has happened....)

    So I called DDD today and, sure enough, they have NO RECORD of receiving the returned item, although they DO have the record of my call alerting them to the return. (Once again, the USPS fulfills our low expectations for them.)

    The CS rep excused herself for a minute "to see what we can do." She returned quickly and said they'd send another one out. I just received email confirmation of the shipment (about 90 minutes later.)

    The one month delay is regrettable but, IMO, DDD did the right thing and did it without ranting or cajoling from me.

    Well done, DDD.

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