Deconstructing Harry - R2 Aspect Ratio

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Alan Orson, Mar 16, 2004.

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    Mar 15, 2004
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    I recently picked up Woddy Allen's great film 'Deconstructing Harry' (UK R2) - I was surprised to find that it was not widescreen. In Buena Vista's Woody range, all 4 DVDs are said to be widescreen (on their website they have cover pictures with the 'widescreen' logo on the spine - including this title). The other 3 (which I also have) are all perfectly fine widescreen prints.

    The R1 release has a full fame and 1.85:1 print on either side of the disc. Does this mean the UK got a pan & scan transfer (which I suspect) or is it un-matted (a long shot, I know)?

    Any info on why the 1.85:1 print was not used for the R2 DVD, given the fact their other Woddy DVDs are all 1.85:1 prints?


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