Dead LED in Samsung DLP RPTV?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by ManW_TheUncool, Aug 24, 2011.

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    Looks like my Sammy 61A750 RPTV probably just got hit w/ what seems to be a common issue w/ the red LED dying (probably due to overheating).

    Still trying to see if there's a more definitive way to tell if my red LED just needs to be replaced, which seems like an easy enough (and affordable enough) DIY job -- actually seems easier than replacing the color wheel in a non-LED DLP.

    Unlike the color wheel issue w/ non-LED DLPs, there's no mechanical noise and such to help confirm the actual cause of the problem -- and it's not too clear whether one can easily eyeball it to see if the LED is fried. The image symptoms I see certain do match that cause though. I might have to just replace it w/ a new one (for ~$130?) to find out -- either that or pay someone ~$200/hour on top of the part cost to come and do it.

    They really just don't make these things to last like they used to -- and Samsung certainly seems to be one of the worse offenders w/ mediocre durability/reliability (and a penchant to abandon their customers, eg. the whole 3D fiasco) although seems like pretty much *all* the makers have been heading in this direction in general these days. Maybe someone should file a class action suit against Samsung, et al. for false advertising w/ such things...


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