Dayton Elite 10" sub Designed by HSU $159

Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by Chris Sherman, Oct 12, 2008.

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    Parts Express introduced an Elite line of Subwoofers designed by HSU. They have an 8",10" and 12" version, all have been sold out for months. They just got the 10" back in stock and have them priced insanely low at $159, regular price is $292. Sub is very well built and heavy, 55lbs. shipped, plays down to 25hz. Very similiar to the HSU STF-2 , with a slightly less powerfull amplifier , but hey you could buy two of these for less than one STF-2 and two would give you a 6db increase in output , a doubling of volume, great sub for apartment dwellers or anyone with a small room or tight budget. I'd act quickly if interested as they just came back in stock and are already their #1 selling item, generous 45 day no questions return policy. I hope they do something similiar when they get the 12" Elites back in stock!

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