Dawsons Creek -streaming the rate Richards parting gifts -his movies as he goes to the lighning roun

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    The late game show host left a lasting impression of evil incarnate in The Running Man- now in its silver anniversary.
    In a role that should have revived his acting career-it dint-it was his last role ever at 55.
    Others he was in were King Rat and The Devil's Brigade.
    He will be forever known as one of the cast of Hogans Hero's -but the actor who played him -dead on -in AutoFocus had more screen time than Dawson ever had in the series.
    Somewhere up there their is Berty Convy, Brett Sommers, Charles Nelson Reilly and Richard Dawson awaiting Betty White and a random celebrity to join them and Gene Rayburn to fill in the blank....once more.

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