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    I am using my laptop to do some video editing, and I was wondering if laptop encryption programs like ZoneAlarm Datalock, really protect the data and files on your laptop from a thief being able to access the data and use it for id thief or put it on the web for all to download?

    I am traveling more, and if my laptop gets stolen, I don’t want my data to be readable. I think ZoneAlarms Datalock laptop data encryption software, looks like it does that:

    It does a pre-boot authentication with a password, to prevent access to boot anything. This seems to be a general deterrent for non-technical users, correct?

    Still, Datalock encrypts all the data going on the hard drive, so it they can read the drive, they can’t decode the encryption, correct?

    What kind of encryption does Datalock use? Is it strong or maybe unbreakable is a better word?

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