Criterion Press Release: Things To Come (DVD)

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    THINGS TO COME – Blu-Ray & DVD Editions
    A landmark collaboration between writer H. G. Wells (Island of Lost Souls), producer Alexander Korda (The Thief of Bagdad), and designer and director William Cameron Menzies (Gone with the Wind), Things to Come is a science fiction film like no other, a prescient political work that predicts a century of turmoil and progress. Skipping through time, Things to Come bears witness to world war, dictatorship, disease, the rise of television, and finally, utopia. Conceived, written, and overseen by Wells himself as an adaptation of his own work, this mega-budgeted production, the most ambitious ever from Korda’s London Films, is a triumph of imagination and technical audacity.

    1936 • 97 minutes • Black & White • Monaural • 1.37:1 aspect ratio

    • New high-definition digital film restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition
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    • Audio commentary featuring film historian and writer David Kalat
    • Interview with writer and cultural historian Christopher Frayling on the film’s design
    • Film historian Bruce Eder on Arthur Bliss’s musical score
    • Audio recording from 1936 of a reading from H. G. Wells’s writing about the “wandering sickness,” the plague in Things to Come
    • PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by critic Geoffrey O’Brien
    • More!

    TITLE: Things to Come (DVD EDITION)
    CAT. NO: CC2272D
    UPC: 7-15515-10701-3
    ISBN: 978-1-60465-735-7
    SRP: $29.95
    PREBOOK: 5/21/13
    STREET: 6/18/13

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