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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Geoff L, Dec 6, 2003.

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    Thought some may be interested to know Credence build house is working on putting up a site and designing NEW drivers (their own) for both car and the HOME use as I understand it.

    They Credence, built drivers for a number of well known higher end subwoofer names over the years. Kicker, Sound Stream, and many many other names that escape me at this time.

    A number of drivers are being closed/sold out threw Ebay. (Old stock but new drivers). Primarly all the drivers are best suited for car drivers. Most likely their using up old motors and parts left over in their warehouse. The drivers being sold at Ebay ~{do not}~ carry the logos of the company brands they were built for. Kicker Solos, Comps, & others, etc. All drivers regardless of brand carry the Credence logo on their cone.
    The Kickers being sold are older style with the round cast & steal basket, not the newer style square jobs.
    A few drivers that I've seen go threw will model decent for HT use, but the "majority definitely are best suited" for car use. The size range runs the gammit, 8's threw 15's single and DVC. Prices are certainly right on most.

    Look forward to them getting their web site fully up, along with (their own new designs). Hopefully with todays wanted needed longer X-throw and better suited to the home DIY'er, giving us all another avenue for drivers....

    R&D us some good stuff Credence!

    I did pick up a pair of old style 10" Cast basket Kicker Solos-SVC. Can't beat the price for a set of nice new drivers for momas car. 60.00 for the pair delivered, Credence logo just above the inverted dust cap.


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