Copyrights and CD-Rs Endanger Industry

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    This was sent along to me recently. Digital preservation can be difficult. There is apparently insufficient commercial incentive, and insufficient cultural (or not-for-profit) investment, to hang on to such stuff. IMO, this isn't right. If a track was commercially released (i.e., 'published') and played on the radio, etc., then a reference copy ought to be around. But how is this accomplished? Internet Archive? Google Audio? (It doesn't exist yet, but it will.)

    Copyrights and CD-Rs Endanger Audio History |
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    | posted by Soulskill on Saturday October 02, @00:15 (Media) |

    SEWilco writes "A study by the Library of Congress has found that many audio recordings are being [0]lost due to copyright restrictions and temporary media. Old audio recordings are protected by a various US state copyrights, so it's hard for preservationists to get and copy material. Recent data is threatened by being put on writable CDs, because CD-Rs begin to lose data after a few years, so recordings from as recently as 9/11 and the 2008 elections are already at risk."

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