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    Here's an e-mail I sent to Best Buy about a Christmas present I bought (a Pocahontas DVD) that somehow ended up a few states away from my house:



    I am very disappointed with the way this purchase unfolded. I used some of my Best Buy Bucks to buy a couple DVD's for someone for Christmas. I ordered them on November 26, thinking that was leaving plenty of time.

    However, I waited over four weeks and never received my Pocahontas DVD. So I went online to check the status and found that it had been delivered to the wrong state! I entered my address, which is in Powell, Ohio, and it somehow ended up in Fayette, New York.

    I contacted Best Buy about this and they said they could re-ship the item. By this point, it was already well after Christmas and the person I bought it for had returned to New Mexico. I asked if I could have a refund but I was informed that that was not possible because I used Best Buy Bucks to purchase it.

    I felt I deserved to get $14 back in online promotional codes or digital dollars or a Best Buy gift card or something to make up for this. When I told the representative this, he said he'd forward the message to the appropriate person. Weeks after that, I heard nothing more, so I just asked to have the DVD reshipped. I was told it would be shipped via ground shipping, which is how I had it shipped the first time. I was not told that this time, I would have to be home at a specific time of day to sign for it in person. I had to leave work early to be able to be home to receive the DVD, which I had to send out to New Mexico myself and have the recipient of this Christmas gift not receive it until the end of January.

    I just felt that the entire situation was handled poorly, and it was completely inexcusable to ship my item hundres of miles from where it was supposed to go. If you can do something to make up for this hassle, I would truly appreciate it. Thank you.

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