controlling multipul cable/sat boxes

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    I will most likely put two boxes in the same rack to control two separte displays. A flat panel behind a bar and a projector in the HT.

    Have not decided on satelite or cable, but I dont think that matters for my solution. If I go Sat, will use DirecTV, cable is Time Warner. One Box will be a HD DVR, one box will be HD only.

    I want to be able to control both boxes with one remote. Thinking on a Harmony model.

    I want the remote to be able to intereact with both boxes without interferance (change to channel 3 on box #1, and box #2 does not change, power on box #1, leave box #2 off, etc...) and to be able to control the boxes without pointing directly to the box. I assume I must use an IR remote.

    As I am wiring now, I want to make sure there is nothing to hard wire for this use.

    Also, I will have 3 remote control dimmers by Lutron (Maestro model) that I will incorporate and will want to function the same way--no interferance. i.e., if I want to dim light #1, I dont want lights #2 and #3 to dim as well, power on light #1, leave 2 and 3 off, etc....

    Any adivce on how to wire or if this is just a remote solution and what specific remote to buy would be helpfull.

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