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    I am trying to record Formula One races with a DVD recorder (Sony GX-257). This model does not have a tuner, so I'm using my VCR for that function. I set the timer to record this past weekend's race on the SPEED Channel, but the machine shut down just as the recording started.

    I called Sony tech support & they say I need a cable set top box to do timed recordings (This TV is cable ready, so I run the wall cable directly to the VCR, then use AV cords to make the Yellow/Red/White connections to the DVD recorder). I have never had problems with recordings on my VCR, nor have I needed a cable box to do these recordings.

    I have been able to DVD record other TV programs on the major networks & other channels (DISC, History, etc), but not on SPEED. Additionally, I have recorded previous races on SPEED with my VCR with no problems whatsoever. Is Sony giving me a line of bull here? I called Comcast & they say there is no protection signaling involved -- only premium and Pay-Per-View channels are subject to protection signaling

    Who's telling the truth here?

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