Connect DVI to Projector?

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    Hi all,
    How do I best connect a DVI-equipped PC to our projector/system?
    The video card is a 3D Prophet II Ultra, chosen namely for it's DVI connector, so that we can play games on our big screen in high-resolution. The projector is a Runco 940.
    At present, we are making due with the card's S-video output, but the quality is unacceptable, especially considering a top s-video output resolution of 800 x 600. Text is generally illegible or grounds for a good, stiff headache.
    The projector's RGB and s-video inputs are presently occupied by HDTV satellite and DVD signals, respectively. The remaining free inputs are unfamiliar to me: HS/CS, VS and VIDEO (all coaxial). If the solution is s-video, we can switch at the Rotel receiver and be done with it. If the solution uses any of the free projector ports, we can switch at the projector. If it's going to require RGB, I'll have to introduce an RGB switch.
    One more detail: All of this is controlled by an AMX/Phast system. This might be relevant if a compatible switch is required.
    I have briefly searched the web for DVI-to-RGB and DVI-to-SVIDEO cables and found no hits.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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