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    Apr 23, 2008
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    First, before the question: Hi all! Just found the site yesterday while looking up shtuff, and just had to join you guys. I hope to learn lots here.

    Now to what I was researching:

    I'm new to home theater too, and while browsing around I'm having a hard time finding any HT setups where a home computer is the main control center. I've just got an HD tuner (with DVI so I can watch stuff while assembling), starting to lookup tuner cards for the computer, I'm familier with surround sound (have 5.1 dolby support in my computer now, looking to upgrade to 7.1 if not better). So I'm starting to look not just for all the ways to hook things in through the computer, but also drivers, software, control panels and other ways to control the beast once I assemble all the parts! Cost IS a big issue for me, but I love quality in both video and sound.

    Any and all suggestions and advice are very much welcome!

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