Complaint regarding very poor performence of Panasonic SC DK-10 (DVD Home Theater)

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    I would like to introduce myself as a very ill-fated customer of Panasonic SC DK-10 (DVD Home Theater) from Durgapur, India. I have purchased this set from ELECTRONIXITY, 28/8, Gariahat Road, Kolkata-29 on 14.06.02 for Rs.37,990/- From that day this set has proven itself as a horrifying gadget due to its exorbitant maintenance cost within a very limited period instead of being an entertainment device. I am furnishing below the periodic maintenance cost for your kind perusal:
    Complaint No. & DateComplaintParts replacedCost of parts including labour charges
    09/2005Disc not readingOptical lensRs. 5,500/- (App.)

    16.08.06 Tracks are skippingLens cleaned & connector refittedRs. 842/-
    DPA- 4/7,
    09.01.07Audio problem50P FCC Rs. 1,620/-
    17P FCC
    26P FCC
    15P FCC
    (Replaced on 12.07.07)

    18.07.07Disc not reading Trever Deck Rs.1,687/-
    (Motor Drive)
    All the above mentioned maintenance was done at CHARCHCO ELECTRONICS (INDIA) PVT. LTD., Bhiringi, Nachan Road, Durgapur-713213 (Ph. No.-0343-2587217, 0343-6531305), which is the authorised service centre of Panasonic at Durgapur.
    Now, I have deposited my set at the above mentioned service centre once again (Complaint No.-WDPL-3/8, Dt.-12.12.08) as discs are not reading and sometimes displaying F61 and went dead.
    And today i.e. on 10.03.09 a service personnel from the above service center informed me that they are recommending to replace the Optical lens, traver driver, micro switches, rubber belts and pulleys which will costs me another Rs. 7,200/-
    Now, I am wondering whether I should spend another sum of Rs 7,200/- after spending Rs 47,639/- so far or simply purchase a brand new DVD player of any other leading brands like Sony or Philips which will costs me around Rs.3,000/- to Rs.4,000/- and should tell everyone about this sad story and help people by persuading them not to squander their hard earned money by falling prey to this dangerous trap. I have informed The Manager (Customer Care), Panasonic Sales & Services India Pvt. Ltd. regarding the same by e-mail at on 12.03.09, but not received any response from his end till date i.e. 23.03.09.

    Anindya Naha,
    Ph. No.- +919434475589,

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