Clubs and Serve (Amex) experience out there?

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    Hi, I had a bunch of paypal like questions awhile ago of which I researched it a bit and then stopped. I'm bringing this up again since I started looking at Serve as well. Does anybody out there run/organize a membership ($$) club that collects dues via Serve or Paypal? How do you manage the added fees given that we do not use Paypal/Serve currently so our membership fees are basically just to run the club. We either eat the fees or raise the membership fee which is probably not going to float well with me or anybody else in the club's executive board. I wonder if we can get away with just a basic user account and not a merchant account. We are not in the retail business but we do have annual membership fees we could collect via paypal and we do sell the occasional T-shirt/Patch. etc. but it's not :) We are incorporated though so we have a bank account in our name... How does SERVE handle clubs versus individuals versus Paypal? Do any of you with experience have any pros/cons to setting up paypal or Serve, nightmares? problems? Recommendations? We think there are some folks out there who would join our club if we got with the technology.. not everybody has a checking account any more... Jay

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