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    I am one that has to use closed captioning on my TV. Up to this point I have used the composite video thru my amp to the TV and have had no issues with captioning working.

    In attempting to maximize the video quality I converted to component video. At that point I discovered that the closed caption data is not passed to the TV with this type of connection.

    My question: Is S-Video is compatible with standard closed captioning? Does it allow captioning to be passed from the source to the TV? If so this would still potentially be some video improvement. I have to drive over an hour to buy a cable to try it and would like to avoid the expense if it won't work.

    My TV manual says it will decode closed captioning from any input that provides the captioning data with the video, but it does not say which connection types (composite, s-video, or component) pass the info. So if S-Video passes the data the TV should display it.

    Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide,

    Jim K.

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