Clicksmart 510 webcam/megapixel camera $$ and/or DVD trade

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    I am selling a white-box, Logitech Clicksmart 510 for $70 plus $5 shipping (Priority mail). It has been installed, but never used. The Clicksmart is a webcam/megapixel camera with a flash. It includes MGI Photosuite SE V4.0 and MGI Videowave SE V4.0. The camera comes with 8mb cf, a USB cable, and a removable base.

    I will deduct the following amount from the asking price, and cover the shipping of the camera for the following DVD trades:
    Any Given Sunday (2-disk) $12
    Boogie Nights (2disk version) $15
    Simpsons Season 1 $16
    Simpsons Season 2 $20
    Amadeus SE $12
    Singing in the Rain SE $12
    True Romance SE $12
    Unforgiven SE $12
    Big Trouble in Little China (SE: 2 disc set) $12
    Rushmore: Criterion Collection $20
    Time Bandits: Criterion Collection $20

    I prefer PayPal for payment, and will take reasonable offers, too.

    Thanks for looking!

    Removable memory card lets you create captivating video and keepsake photos with megapixel impact. Includes built-in flash and microphone, QuickSync™ downloads and so much more.
    Shoot It. Share It. Show It.

    Megapixel pictures
    Video with audio
    Easy QuickSync™ transfer to computer
    Live video calling and online broadcasting
    8 MB memory card included
    System Requirements

    Windows® 98, 2000, Me, XP
    300 MHz Pentium® II, Celeron™, AMD Athlon® processor, or higher (400 MHz Pentium® III, Celeron™, AMD Athlon® processor, AGP video card recommended)
    Available USB port
    CD-ROM drive
    64 MB RAM
    Hard drive with 100 MB free space
    16-bit color display adapter
    Windows compatible sound card and speakers (full duplex sound card recommended)

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