Cheap home theater solutions & questions for HDTV & Xbox 360 in bedroom?

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    I'm not sure If I'm in the right forum here so If my topic is in the wrong place I apogolize, I'm new here and just hoping to get some feedback and answers. Any and all help is appreciated. :)

    Anyway, I had an old set of 5.1 logitech computer speakers that I rigged up to work with my hdtv and xbox 360 flawlessly. Up until now, they finally fried on me, short in the wires I guess. I've been looking all over for something to fit my needs. As far as my needs go, here's what I've got:

    My HDTV is a Sony Bravia, with plenty of connections ( 4 hdmi's, 2 component's, usb, optical, ect ect. )

    1 Xbox 360 that i use component cables with right now. The reason I use component cables is because every time I use an HDMI cable with the Xbox I notice a certain amount of lag while playing Halo 3. So I switched back to component cables. I am willing to go to HDMI just to simplify things as I find myself not really playing Halo 3 much anymore.

    1 HD Cable box from comcast. This box has 1 HDMI out connection, 1 1394 connection (what is this? firewire on a cable box!?), 2 sets of component/av connections, 1 optical audio connection and an etherent connection.

    Other then those 3 things, I don't have anything else I would need hooked up to the future home theater system I purchase. I need these things to all play through the audio system, and am looking for the cheapest solution to do so.

    I am a little confused about home theater systems, like what is the difference between using HDMI, which carries both audio and video, over an optical audio cable, and is there an optical video cable? Again all the options confuse me, like going with a reciever instead of a home theater in a box, or a dvd player type home theater system. I don't need anything fancy, or anything too powerful but I don't want something that's just going to amplify the crappy sound my tv puts out.

    Any information that will help me would be great, I'm also taking suggestions on what to buy, any links or reviews on products you suggest would be great. My price point is under $200 if possible but I realize this may not be doable so I'm open to spending a little more if I must. I'm not looking for anything huge here guys, just something better then the tv speakers, for my bedroom. I do play games and moies alot though so I want a little bang for the buck if I can get it.

    PS Anything that doesn't require me to use a 3rd remote would be great! haha I hate using multiple remotes and already have 1 for the TV and 1 for the Cable box.

    I can provide any other info if it's needed, thanks in advance guys!

    - KB

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