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    Pick up some great R2 titles at great prices! All have the original English soundtracks (5.1 when applicable) and most of the special features on the German DVDs are in English as well. Shipping will be $2 for the first DVD and .50 cents for each one thereafter. All are in very good to mint condition. Please remember that you need a DVD player capable of playing R2 DVDs to watch these. Any questions, please ask!

    British R2

    The War Zone (directed by Tim Roth) $4
    28 Days Later $3
    Conan the Barbarian: Special Edition $4
    Time Bandits (includes foldout Map of the Universe) $3
    Sunshine State $5
    Fargo: Special Edition $3
    The Long Good Friday (only available as Criterion in the US, incl commentary and interviews) $5

    German R2

    The Killing $3
    Gangs of New York $3
    Adam's Rib $3
    The Hours: 2-disc Exclusive Edition $5
    Anastasia $3
    A Fish Called Wanda: Special Edition $3
    Rosemary's Baby $3
    The Bridge at Remagen $3
    The Love Bug: Special Edition $3
    The Mists of Avalon $2
    Miss Congeniality $2
    Love is a Many Splendored Thing $3
    The Dish $3
    X-Men 2 $3
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Special Edition $3
    Minority Report: 2-disc Special Edition $4
    Hot Shots $3
    Hot Shots: Part Deux $3
    Michael Flatley: Gold $2
    Heavenly Creatures $3
    Catch Me If You Can: 2-disc Special Edition $4
    Signs $3
    Heist $3
    The Omen: 25th Anniversary Edition $3

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