CETON/WMC thread started over in Home Theater Hardware: Players, STBs and Cable Boxes, Antennas, etc

Discussion in 'Computers' started by RAF, Nov 14, 2010.

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    With the release of the excellent CETON Quad Tuner InfiniTV4 Card earlier this year there are bound to be more members here ready to take the plunge and build a CETON/WMC server. While this area here caters to HTPC issues I feel that a fair number of our members will buy a PC from Dell or other Vendors and add the CETON card and a Cable Card to create their own CETON/WMC server, probably using Xboxes as Media Extenders. These servers will replace the members' STBs or cable boxes so I felt that it would be appropriate to start a thread HERE to discuss all the ramifications of a Windows 7 driven Windows Media Center box. While this is, of course, an HTPC many members think of HTPC discussions as being something a little more hardware driven whereas the CETON/WMC solution is a fairly simple way to rid oneself of STBs and Cable Boxes.

    It is my feeling that the HTPC area is generally considered to involve a wide range of possible hardware and software combinations. The High Def Source Hardware Area, specifically the Players, STB and Cable Boxes section focuses on one's cable subscriptions and ways to improve the recording and management of stored programs specifically as it relates to cable and or satellite services. Where some people might be reluctant to discuss HTPCs in general they might be inclined to want to learn about devices such as the CETON card and how it can greatly change (and improve) the viewing and recording experience. Therefore I started the CETON/WMC thread because I felt that members might feel that it is appropriate to discuss this STB replacement solution under Home Theater Hardware rather than in the more generalized "Other Diversions: Computers and HTPC"

    Granted, there is bound to be some overlap in both areas. I would hope that HTPC members here might stop by over in the CETON thread to see if they have anything to offer in the way of hints and/or other advice.

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