Cemetery Junction

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    I'll admit I hadn't actually watched any Ricky Gervais stuff before this (except for his pretty poor Simpsons episode) but I always figured he was meant to be a pretty funny guy. So, I figured this film would give a few laughs. Well, it gave a few. One or two, at best. After about 20 minutes, I abandoned the idea of the film being a comedy and stopped being disappointed with the lack of laughs, and just went back to judging it as a normal film, where the disappointment only grew.

    The film has a typical, conventional storyline, with no complex plot developments. The attempts at humour are poor and few and far between. The 3 friends the film is based around are boring and clich├ęd, the hard-working go-getter, the rebel and the lovable, pathetic, fat one. Their back-stories, where they are developed, are as predictable and boring as the characters themselves. The climax of the film (this really shouldn't give it away, but don't read on if you think it might) is a mother pouring tea, which really speaks of the excitement levels in the film.

    If you haven't seen this, I strongly advise you don't waste your money.

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