CD Player in the $300 range?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by James C. Jr., May 7, 2003.

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    My Sony 200 Cd jukebox player busted a few months ago and I'm currently listening to CD's through my cheap DVD player. I'm done with the jukebox players, all I've had are problems with mine, jams, CD's scratching, etc. Anyway I'm looking for a 5 CD changer right now. I really would like to keep the price under $300 and, if possible more around the $200-250 area. Music is what got me eventually into home theater and I would really like a decent CD player. I've looked at several models and would like a few suggestions.

    Harmon Kardon FL 8380- HDCD decoding $250
    *found it refurbished from their site for $150
    Denon DCM-280- $200

    Onkyo DX-C380- $170

    These are the models I have been looking at now. I'm really interested in the refurbished HK player, but I have never bought refurbished equipment before and am a little skeptical. Please give me some opinions and feedback. Are there any other models that are better for the price?


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