Carver AV-705x Amp or B&K AV5000

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    This newbie to the forum has a line on both a Carver AV-705x amp or a B&K AV5000 amp. What are the advantages/disadvantages of either one? I want neutral, clean sound (hence the Boston Acoustics center and mains - see below for system), but not too harsh. I value my hearing, so I don't need to produce excessive SPL, but I do like it loud enough to enjoy, and also want a little headroom. Thinking 100 - 125 watts/channel will be plenty. Would appreciate any guidance on which way I might want to go on the amp given the info that follows in the rest of this post which details why I am looking for amp and the rest of my system. (I am not able to listen to either amp, unfortunately - that would make it WAY easier...). Also, what is a reasonable price for these amps (both appear to be in excellent condition) for both buyer and seller get a fair price?
    My Yamaha DSP-A1 just gave up the ghost - bad DSP board and not repairable. Which leaves me with (presumably) 3 channels of amplification but no pre/pro - so I am dead in the water for quality sound and am limping along with a $150 Pioneer something or other that sounds abysmal (was purchased for the bedroom system 6 years ago but the wife thinks we do not need surround in bedroom...), but is slightly better than silence...
    Have decided to go separates because hate the idea of replacing amp section in future because processor blows up, and separates sound better anyway. Have not yet decided on the pre/pro, but thinking B&K or Outlaw, or possibly NAD - but all second hand due to budget and not needing the latest greatest - I'm 5 channels and will stay that way (see space/spouse factor above).
    I am running Boston Acoustics T1030s for the mains, Boston Acoustics 525V for center (possibly upgrading to
    Boston Acoustics VR 10 Center), Boston Acoustics VRS dipole surrounds (pretty not great sounding surrounds, but pass the spouse and space factors), 2 mirage BPSS-210 subwoofers and Mirage LFX3 External Crossover for the center and mains, and a Definitive Technology SuperCube II 8" sub for LFE. With the Yamaha, I could also send the LFE to the mains (which would then get routed to the Mirage subs), and that really rocked the theater but those days may be over without very flexible bass management from whatever pre/pro is in the budget.)
    Thanks in advance!

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