Car Audio: Image Dynamics & Elemental Designs Subs, Alpine & US Acoustics Amps

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    I just moved and have a bunch of car audio items that I am selling. I live in Orlando, Florida and I am will ship any of these items.

    [font="'Times New Roman';font-size:medium"]2 Image Dynamics 10" subs and grey box: $150[/font]

    [font="'Times New Roman';font-size:medium"]1 Elemental Designs 12" sub in black box: $150[/font]

    [font="'Times New Roman';font-size:medium"]Empty, never used carpeted black box with ports that can fit 2 12" subs: $25[/font]

    [font="'Times New Roman';font-size:medium"]1 Alpine 4 x 75 watts amp: $99[/font]

    [font="'Times New Roman';font-size:medium"]1 US Acoustics 4 x 100 watts amp: $150[/font]

    [font="'Times New Roman';font-size:medium"]1 Lightning Audio Capacitor: $20[/font]

    [font="'Times New Roman';font-size:medium"]1 Monster Capacitor (never used): $35[/font]

    [font="'Times New Roman';font-size:medium"]2 Alpine SWR-M100 10-inch marine subwoofers: $99 each[/font]

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