Canon CP-400 Photo Printer at for $40

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Mike Frezon, Mar 30, 2006.

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    Thought I'd post THIS DEAL HERE for anyone who might be interested.

    Besides the printer ($39.95), it comes with a FREE package of paper/ink set ($25.99 value). The package contains 108 4x6 Canon sheets.

    The site says the FREE paper part of the deal expires 4-5-06.

    I just picked one up for my daughter's birthday. This thing is tiny! Ground shipping only added another $5.95. I got smacked with some sales tax in NYS.

    Hope this is a help to someone. You guys helped me out around the holidays. I ordered a Canon photo printer at for my wife--from the Pixma line. She's loving it! [​IMG]

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