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    Hi Folks,

    Our company has been selling computer and networking cable assemblies both on the web and through direct distribution for 4 years now. I'd like us to push harder into the end-user/consumer market for home theater and car audio. I've chosen not to post our web address on this post because i'm not trying to advertise, just looking for suggestions. (although i hope to become an advertiser on this site down the road when the site is ready)

    because of our connections we already can and do carry a variety of related cable assemblies... such as DVI cables and adapters, VGA, RCA/Composite., etc.

    But i was hoping i could get suggestions from y'all on what type of items you:

    A. Have purchased through the web
    B. Would like to Purchase through the web.

    Also, things you like/dislike about web ordering these products... pictures, shipping methods, etc.

    we are going through a major site reconstruction so at this point we are flexible to all suggestions..

    thanks a bunch for your time guys, your input will definately help us succeed.

    and.... if i shouldn't have posted this in this area, I appologize... Vendor feedback just seemed most appropriate.


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