Cabletronix CTMM-10 Freqency modulator(a review)

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Hey guys

    Just wanted to post a little review on this nifty little box I just purchased.

    I grabbed it off E-Bay and got it yesterday. Took me about 45-min. or so to hook up. I was trying some of the lower channels and was getting alot of snow. When finally put it on 125 it worked great.

    The picture was much better than I expected and sound came through very good. It only has one RCA for sound so I used a splitter and connected the L/R to the one input.
    You just have to make sure that you connect your main cable line and the coax line from the modulator to a splitter/combiner and then branch off to the tv's.

    One thing to remember is that if your using a cable modem or pay per view the splitter/combiner must be bi-directional.

    So now every tv in the house can turn to channel 125 and watch whatever dvd,vcr,etc. I have connected to the modulator.

    Part's Express sells them along with the combiners at pretty good prices.

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