Cable Problem or TV Problem?

Discussion in 'Accessories, Cables, and Remotes' started by Karim Nogas, Jan 9, 2007.

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    I have a 6 year old Sony KP-53XBR300 connected to a satellite receiver and to dvd via component video cables. I've never had a problem except in the past few months I've noticed non-HD satellite broadcasts will occasionally fade in colour, a sort of 'washed out' look. A simple push of the component cables at the back of the TV restores the colour. I'm afraid it might be the TV as the cables are very tightly fastened. It typically happens once every two or three hours, say during a sports broadcast.

    Is this the first signs of a bulb needing to be replaced? I could of sworn it also happened once with DVD playback, in which case it would be a TV problem since the DVD player uses a different set of component cables.


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