Buying online VS. neighborhood chain store?

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    I have been reading many of these threads, and I am getting nervous.

    I am in the market for a new 40 in. or 46 in. LCD and I have been looking online, and in my neighborhood stores. I am afraid that if I spend several thousand dollars, and then the online mail ordered LCD comes in "damaged", and I do not know about it until I set it up, I will have very little recourse for a replacement or a refund.
    However, if I purchase from one of my large chain neighborhood stores ( you can guess who they are), and pay for them to set it up, then they would be responsible for making good on any problems.

    The neighborhood stores charge significantly higher prices for the same LCD than some of the online stores, but my thinking is that the extra price is insurance.

    Is my thinking flawed? Any suggestions about how to buy, as we are talking, with purchase, installation and calibration, a "small" fortune. What if any is the best way to protect yourself, or is it still. "Buyer BEWARE!!!"

    Thanks, and I hope this does not violate any posting rules.


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