Buying a Projector Epson or Optoma and other questions

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    Dear Experts, I am very new to projector world I did some research on projectors but still need some inputs. With the introduction of 3D projectors and increasing number of 3D movie releases I am now looking for 3D projectors. I also like projector because they are very portable and since I am living at the current place temporary I prefer a portable device, so that I can pack and move. Epson EH-6000W,Epson 3010/3010e and Optoma HD33 are some affordable 3D models I want to discuss. I have seen there specs and found them to be almost equal. But since i never tried them myself I would like to get some feedbacks from users who owns one or have some experience with 3D projectors. Questions : 1. How easy is it to set up, tweak, calibrate between Epson and Optoma. 2. Optoma is new company but Epson has enough experience in projector market, but how do you compare 3D effects among them. 3. Which projector make more noise. I will be watching movies through my laptop connected to projector. I am not thinking of buying external media player and no speaker, no budget :( so I have few general questions : General Questions: 1. Which media player (Software) you suggest is better for playing movies in 3D, I use VLC and CCCP. I am also on Linux. 2. What about lamp life for a projector. How long it last? 3. Is 3D projector are mature, or they are getting better? Shall i wait for sometime or latest ones in the market are good enough? For now these are my queries and I would be really grateful for responses on this, preferably answers to each questions. I may ask more after reading some replies. Thanks.

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