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    OK, I've been buying things from since they have existed, and I know things like this are not limited to them, but the whole thing is kind of amusing.

    Last week I ordered two items from them, which you can find at these links, just for full info...

    FileMaker Pro Advanced Upgrade

    FileMaker Pro 8.5 Bible

    You'll notice both these items have free shipping. For more info, you can go to their Free Shipping FAQ page, which clearly states that any item with a yellow free shipping truck, ships free "regardless of price." Well, I used a 7% off coupon they had sent me and when I checked out, I noticed I was charged shipping for the book. I figured their system made some sort of mistake and contacted their CS for a refund of shipping.

    They have responded a couple times, telling me that the discount dropped the book price below the $25 requirement, so it was no longer eligible for free shipping. Of course, there is no mention of this requirement for free shipping items. They have another class of product which requires $25 of eligible purchases to get free shipping, but that is not what I ordered.

    Anyway, what I find so amusing is that the discount they sent me in order to lure me back actually made the item more expensive, and their attitude seems to be "too bad".

    Because I like to cause trouble with things like this, I haven't dropped it. I'm wondering how much time they will spend in order to not honor their published policy and not refund the paltry $3.30 shipping.

    Just thought I'd share. It amazes me how much trouble companies will go through to not fix a clearly incorrect and incredibly small error. Of course, a sane person would just drop it, but that's not me.

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