Building a component video splitter?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by JasonGabler, Sep 3, 2005.

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    I have a video component which switches between two display modes (480i and something else), to my Infocus X1 which takes 480i on one component input and higher modes on another componenet input. I hooked up 3 RCA splitters and this works, a bit. Here are the two main problems:

    - signal (power) loss. I don't think I can solve this without doing the "right thing", i.e. getting a good receiver that does switching and signal conversion properly. I'd like to solve this, but if I can't, I'll live... just turn up the projector's bightness [​IMG]

    - display component interference. This means I have the two components inputs on the X1 basically connected to one another, that's bad. When using the higher modes, things get a big wavy/interfered (althought 480p looks OK). I am guessing I can solve this problem with some simple electronics. What if I stuck some diodes in the RCA splitters than kept the two inputs from feeding back to one another. How would I do this? Is there still a better yet simple/cheap way?

    (OK some details: this is the old problem of getting my Playstation2 with Gran Turismo 4 to run in higher modes, but it only displays those modes when game play (racing) is actually going on and switches back to 480i when in the game menus, etc. As I said, the Infocus X1 is very exclusive in which video modes can be used on its different component in puts. Right now, I'm basically stuck w/ 480p.. at least its over component cables. But I'd really like to run it in 720p (1080i is a bit too blocky). To do this without buying an expensive a/v receiver I need to split the signals between both inputs, ultumately letting the PS/2 do the switching)



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