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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Andy Hardin, Jan 8, 2004.

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    I'm working on a dedicated audio and video jukebox program using Virtual Jukebox software. I have finally gotten the computer together for it. What I'm looking for is a budget video card with TV-out that I can use with it.

    With this software, in dual monitor situations the primary video will have the music selections, and if a secondary card is attached then you can output video, lyrics, etc to a secondary video source.

    So, in practice, this card will be used to output to my big screen to show the 300+ music videos I have in mpeg and avi format.

    This card really doesn't need to be much special, but I am afraid of a subpar card that has a subpar TV-out since we all know these are not all created equal. Any ideas for older, less powerful cards with a good video out. Hell, something 16MB or 32MB should suffice. I just don't want to get something that looks like crap, but I don't need that much horsepower since it is going to be used in a dedicated situation.

    Thanks for your input. Andy

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