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    BACH & ODIN PROFESSIONAL SERIES HDX-707 5.1 HOME THEATER SYSTEM MSRP $3,795 SYSTEM FEATURES: » Sound Reflective Cube Speakers » Simple to use with easy to follow setup instructions » Easily Connect and Control all your Video and Music Sources » Movies, Music, Gaming Surround Sound Compatible » Digital LCD Display 20 Channel Programmable AM/FM Tuner » 3.5mm Input Jack » MP3, MP4, and Smart Phone Audio Playback » Independent Level Calibration for High Quality Sound » Comparable Commercial Grade Speaker Cable » Multichannel Surround Sound Management » Digital Receiver Interface Input/Output Terminals » DVD, CD, MP3, Game Consoles and Blue Stream Device Compatible 2000 WATTS TOTAL POWER: FRONT x2: 300watts REAR x2: 300watts CENTER x1: 300watts SUB WOOFER x1: 500watts Magnetically Shielded Cubed Speaker Units Powered 5.1 Decoding Receiver HD Surround Reproduction Analog Source TECHNICAL SPECS: Frequency Rang: 250Hz-20Khz Sensitivity: 92dB @ 1w / 1m / System Nominal Impedance 4 (ohms) Dimensions 3.5”x4”x6” (Satellite) 3.5”x4”x6” (Center) 10”x20”x14.5” (Sub woofer) Power Supply AC 110 Volts / 60Hz PRO SERIES LIMITED ACCESSORIES: » B&O Multi Function Slim Design Remote » 24 Carat Gold-Plated A/V Interconnect Cable » 5.1-SC Hybrid Cables » Adjustable Center Channel Stand » Satellite Swivel Mounting Brackets » Universal Antenna Tuner-Link Overview Offering “Minimum Exposure and Maximum Excitement,” the Bach & Odin HDX-707 Home Theater System delivers big, immerse audio entertainment from our smallest set of speakers yet. Includes five palm-size speakers and a compact sub woofer cube Tiny, versatile package unobtrusively fits any lifestyle Delivers immerse 360º sound performances from any position Sleek and stylish high-gloss black cabinets Magnetically shielded to avoid TV interference Serious Wow Factor Whether you want to relax to smooth tunes or host a movie screening, the HDX-707 home audio speakers serve up some serious wow factor—immerse sound that won’t drown out your decor or intrude upon your everyday lifestyle. Consisting of five small cube speakers and a miniature sub woofer cube finished in high-gloss black, the HDX-707 is a sophisticated surround sound system that perfectly demonstrates what’s possible using all of today’s incredible technologies. In fact, its extremely high-performance drivers and components will blow you away, so hold on tight. The HDX-707 also makes buying a home theater system stress free—everything comes neatly bundled in one box! Watershed Design Each two-way HDX-707 speaker has a maximum power handling of 100 watts, allowing it to work well with a wide variety of amplifiers. Inside each durable poly carbon enclosure, you’ll find a .63-inch pure titanium hybrid tweeter for warm, rich high frequencies and a 2.5-inch aluminum woofer for substantial, low distortion bass performance. However, the fact that Mirage was able to apply its unique technology to a product this size is the most impressive feature of them all—it’s what makes these small audio speakers sound huge and immerse. At the core of technology, you’ll find the patented HDX-707 module, which has two deflectors. While one deflector rests on top of the speaker’s tweeter, the tweeter itself is housed in a deflector, suspended over the woofer. These combined elements distribute sound directly towards the listener, as well as reflect it off walls, ceilings and other surfaces—resulting in a 360-degree sound stage that evenly permeates the listening environment. An 8-inch cube constructed of rigid MDF, the HDX-707 system’s sub woofer employs an 800-watt amplifier, dual 6.5-inch black anodized aluminum passive radiators and a 6.5-inch black anodized aluminum cone woofer with an inverted delivering tight, powerful bass response with low distortion. The sub woofer also includes a proprietary protection circuit, letting you achieve clear bass at all volume levels. A low pass filter with bypass mode allows the sub woofer to blend perfectly with the other HDX-707 speakers, using the built-in crossover or a home theater receive

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